In less than a week I will be stepping into a ring for the very first time, and making my professional wrestling debut. A moment I have dreamed about, since I was just a mere little boy growing up. Now on the second edition of Ignition this Sunday, I make my CHIMERA Wrestling debut. I made an appearance at last week's show, but this week I will step in the ring for the first time and it's got my blood pumping. First impressions are everything in this industry, and I am planning on making my first impression count. I have been preparing this for a long time, and I'll be damned if I'm going to fuck it up now that the chance has arrived!

I sat carelessly in the corner of the room on a bar stool, setting a video camera on the dresser next to my bed as I clicked the record button before positioning the video camera in the ring angle. I took a deep breath, getting ready to let my voice be heard throughout CHIMERA Wrestling and to my opponents in my upcoming match at Ignition.

[ R E C ]

J A G E R . D U N K I R K - "In a matter of days the moment I've waited for since I was a child will finally be here, the moment where I finally make my professional wrestling debut! I have thought about this day countless times over and over again, when I was growing up. Watching all my favorite wrestlers perform every week, the passion for this sport has been with me everyday of my life. Now I will finally get the chance to live and feel that passion first hand when I step through those ropes for the first time Sunday night at Ignition."

"All I've been hearing since I signed my contract with CHIMERA is why have I seemed to associate myself with one Aaron Joseph? The man is a legend in this business first of all, and second of all I happen to be dating his beautiful and amazing sister. The two of us are pretty much on opposite sides of the field, were family yes but we have different views and aspects of many things in this industry. As far as aligning myself with him, I'm not planning to do anything of that sort. But I will keep he close to me for advice, and knowledge. The man has been around many many years, he has seen and done it all and there is nobody else I would rather learn the tools I need to be successful from than him! Sunday at Ignition I will make my debut, in what is going to be an exciting way to do so. A four corners sudden death rules match, Aaron had the exact same kind of match for the Internet Championship just about two weeks ago now on the first edition of Ignition, now I get the same kind of match against 3 up newcomers. We all get to make our debut in exciting fashion."

I smirked, knowing this match was going to be a great test to my ability as a professional wrestling, and a great way for me to make a successful debut.

J A G E R . D U N K I R K - "However only one of the four of us is going to walk away with a victory, and although this may be my first match ever. Looking at my competition, I would say I have a very good chance to walk away the winner. My first opponent Thom Havoc, this guy looks like a freak show who belongs in the carnival, or inside a padded room somewhere for the safety of everyone else. None the less, he seems to have a so called passion for Professional Wrestling just like myself.. Well Thom I guess when Ignition rolls around where are going to find out just who's passion burns stronger than the others. But I'm bigger and stronger than you Thom, and you better believe that will give me an advantage as well, not to mention you have more to worry about than just me. It's sudden death, the first person to claim a pin or submission will be the winner. That means you have to be on your toes, prepared for anything at anytime. Are you up for that kind of challenge Thom? I sure hope you are, because it's going to be the challenge of a lifetime, and it could very well make or break our careers here in CHIMERA!"

"Than we have Jack Evans, a twenty-five year veteran of this sport Jack definitely has the experience factor on his side. There is no doubt about that, but I have to wonder does he still got it? Not to mention the fact CHIMERA is taking a big risk letting a guy his age compete, the dude could have a fucking heart attack mid match, and that's just a lawsuit waiting to happen for CHIMERA. I'm surprised they would take such a risk, for an upcoming organization. A man that was once called Pennsylvania's best wrestler, I'll give you credit Jack you've done a lot in this sport. Things I hope I can accomplish during my time in this industry, however your time has come and gone my friend. It's time to face those facts, your nothing now but washed up. If you don't quit while you're ahead your going to do nothing but ruin a legacy in which you may or may not have built for yourself over those twenty five years in this sport. While experience may be on your side, your condition and age may play a factor in the outcome of this match. I have been preparing for this moment since I was a little boy, I'm focused and ready for the upcoming challenge that comes to me at Ignition. I'm going to make a statement in that match, to you, Thom, Frank and everyone else who will be watching. I will be a force to be reckoned with here in CHIMERA Wrestling, and I'm going to prove that first hand on Sunday."

"Which finally brings me to my last opponent one Frank Smith, the man who is so called 'Second To None'. Well I have a hard time believing that, because on Sunday your going to be Second to ME! I'm heading into Ignition like a freight train full speed ahead, and I doubt you're going to wanna step in front of that train and try to stop it. You can be my guest though and give it your best shot, but in the end Frank no matter what you do or how hard you try you and Jack and Thom are all going to be Second to ME when the match ends. I will be the one who pulls out the victory and makes a successful debut at Ignition. I will be the one who will stand there with my hand raised, while the three of you look at me wishing it was you. You better damn well believe that when the bell rings, chaos is going to erupt inside that ring, the four of us will be battling it out all trying to come away with a victory in our debut, but three will get there dreams shattered in an instant and have to regroup and try again. While one of us will stand glorious in the center of the ring with a victory, and will be off to a good start on the right road here in CHIMERA. That one person at the end of the night will be me, you can mark my words. Place your bets now, because when Sunday rolls around I'll show everyone while I'm the Canadian Iron Man!"

I laughed before smiling as I clicked the stop button on the video camera, before standing up off the bar stool. I said what I wanted to say and got my point across to my opponents for my upcoming match, now all that was left to do was wait so I could let my actions speak louder than my words..

[ F I N ]