LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada | DATE: January 15th, 2012

Aaron sat with his head between his arms, you could see various holes in the wall around him where he punched through the wall in fits of rage. Aaron let out a scream as he lifted his head up from his arms, his eyes bloodshot red and he had a nice shiner underneath of his left eye. Aaron quickly stood up kicking the chair he was sitting on across the room, as he turned and headed for the doorway. Aaron was stumbling as he approached the doorway, you could tell he had been drinking as he was having a hard time walking straight and even standing up for that matter. Aaron walked through the doorway and into the hallway as he made his way up the hall towards the living room, stumbling over his own feet Aaron fell forward crashing face first into the carpet of the living room as the momentum of the fall sent him tumbling forward and through the glass coffee table in the living room shattering the glass into hundreds of pieces. Aaron screamed in pain as pieces of glass pierced through his body, and he began bleeding from several places. He placed his hands on the ground, and tried lifting himself back up to his feet. But his arms gave way and he fell back to the floor chest first landing on the shards of broken glass.

It had been two months since Aaron's wife and unborn child were killed by a drunk driver, and Aaron had been a total wreck since that day. Not one to drink Aaron had been hitting the bottle harder than he had in his entire life, drinking well over a fifth of whiskey a night. Things were getting out of hand and Aaron needed some help, but as stubborn as he was Aaron refused the help that was offered to him. He had done nothing but shut himself away from everyone and sit at home and try to drink his sorrows away. His wrestling career on the shelf, as he had retired from the industry six months earlier. Aaron's life was a complete and utter wreck, but he wouldn't not admit it to himself or to anyone else. Aaron continued to lay on the shards of broken glass and he repeatedly tried to pull himself back to his feet, but he was unable to do so as he kept falling back down onto the shards of glass cutting himself more and more every time he did so. As Aaron began to push himself back to his feet once again, there was a knock on the door. Aaron turned his head looking that way, before yelling as loud as he could.


The handle of the door turned as the door pushed open and Aaron's long time friend and trainer Scott Carroll walked through the door. Scott noticing that Aaron was on the ground and bleeding quickly ran over to his side and bent down beside Aaron.

SCOTT CARROLL: "Aaron what the hell happened, are you okay?"

AARON JOSEPH: "Does it look like I'm fucking okay?"

Reaching down Scott grabbed a hold of Aaron as he pulled him off the ground and up to his feet, Aaron had several shards of glass sticking out of his chest and arms with blood all over himself. Scott lead Aaron towards the kitchen, where he turned on the sink and began pulling the pieces of glass out of Aaron's arms and chest

SCOTT CARROLL: "Aaron this is getting out of hand, you need to go see somebody and get yourself some help."

AARON JOSEPH: "I'm fine, I don't need your help or anyone's help!

SCOTT CARROLL: "Drinking yourself to death is not going to bring your child and April back, they are gone and you need to face that. As hard as it may be to face, you have to come to the fact that they are gone."

AARON JOSEPH: "You don't think I know that? I face that fact every goddamn day Scott, and it's not getting any fucking easier for me."

SCOTT CARROLL: "It takes time Aaron, it's not just going to happen overnight it takes time!"

AARON JOSEPH: "We all know, I have plenty of fucking time nowadays!"

SCOTT CARROLL: "Why don't you go get yourself some help Aaron, let me take you to rehab."

AARON JOSEPH: "REHAB? Are you fucking kidding me? Who the fuck do I look like, Robert Downey JR? Charlie Sheen? I don't need fucking rehab!"

Aaron filled with frustration and anger, as he slammed both of his hands down on the kitchen counter, Scott stopped pulling pieces of glass from Aaron's chest, as he stepped back and shook his head looking up at Aaron in a look of disgust of his face Scott continued to shake his head.

SCOTT CARROLL: "Well you need to do something Aaron, you can't keep going on like this! You're going crazy, and none of it is going bring them back you need to come to terms with it Aaron."


Aaron shoved Scott away from him, as he turned and walked out of the kitchen heading towards the front door. Aaron grabbed the handle of the front door and swung it open as he walked out the door and outside slamming the door shut behind him. Scott began to walk towards the door to give chance, but then stopped. He reached into his pants pocket, and pulled his cell phone out. Scott began dialing a number onto the phone...


Aaron's life would continue to spiral downhill, and his excessive drinking would lead to cocaine use. Aaron was drinking and doing well over two grams of cocaine a night, he was on the verge of a breaking point. After a failed suicide attempt by trying to overdose on pain medication, Scott along with Aaron's brother and sister would stage an intervention. That would put Aaron into a rehab facility where he could get the help he needed. Aaron was not keen on the idea, but he had no choice or say in the matter and was taken to the rehab facility against his will. Aaron spent four months at the rehab facility where he was treated and remained sober during his whole four months at the treatment center. Aaron was released from the treatment center, to the care of his sister Angela. Upon his release Aaron stayed sober, and began training once again with Scott Carroll. Aaron was looking to come out of retirement and make his return to the wrestling industry. In October of 2013, Aaron would return to the ring for one match. During the match Aaron would come off the top rope and land wrong on his leg, his knee giving out on him Aaron collapsed to the ground in tremendous pain. He was wheeled out of the arena on a stretcher and would undergo severe knee surgery.

The injury was a trigger point for Aaron, and once again he turned to alcohol as a way to escape from reality. In Late December 2013, Aaron would readmit himself into the Rehab treatment facility seeking help for his alcohol abuse yet again. Aaron would stay two months at the treatment facility before being released in early March of 2014. After several more months of rehabilitation on his knee from the injury, Aaron was finally once again one hundred percent. Doctors told him not to try and return to the ring, to hang up the boots for good. But wrestling was all Aaron had left and he was not going to let this injury keep him from making one final return to the ring.

LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada | DATE: June 22nd, 2014

Aaron sat in the corner of the ring, with his back against the turnbuckle. As he began to pull his elbow pads and knee pads off, beads of sweat dripping down his face. Scott stood directly across from him in the opposite corner of the ring with sweat running down his forehead and you could also see he was winded and his breaths were very heavy. Aaron tossed his pads to the mat, as he grabbed the ropes and used them as leverage pulling himself back up to his feet.

SCOTT CARROLL: "You're right back on top of your game Aaron, I think a few more months and you'll be ready to make your return."

AARON JOSEPH: "I definitely need more time, I don't feel comfortable yet."

SCOTT CARROLL: "You seem to be picking up right where we left off."

AARON JOSEPH: "I'm missing on a few steps, I can tell that something is still not right."

SCOTT CARROLL: "Like I said, a few more months and you'll be ready!

AARON JOSEPH: "I suppose you're right, I just wanna make sure. This is going to be my last run at things, and I want to make it a good one."

SCOTT CARROLL: "You were born and bred a champion Aaron, and you're going to be one again in a matter of time."

AARON JOSEPH: "That's not the point Scott, I am not as young as I use to be. I am no longer in the prime of my career. I'm going to be coming out of retirement to make a return. I have sure I'm one hundred percent ready to do this."

SCOTT CARROLL: "There is no doubt in my mind, you're ready to do this Aaron. Don't worry about it, people are going to see that you're still simply fucking amazing!"

AARON JOSEPH: "I hope so, I sure hope so!"

Aaron and Scott both step out of the ring, and begin to walk out of Aaron's shop turned gym. Aaron grabs his water bottle off the apron of the ring, and cracks it open taking a huge gulp of it as water runs down the side of his face. The two continue to walk out of the gym, and into the distance...


Aaron's vigorous training would continue for the next several months, while his passion and drive to return to the ring would continue to grow stronger and stronger. Aaron finally found himself confident and ready to make his long awaited return to the ring, the only question was when and where would it happen. Aaron had several mainstream companies showing high interest in him, but Aaron didn't have the same interest that they had. He patiently waited for the right time, looking for the right place to make his return. In April of 2015 Aaron began talking with Ryker Prins and CHIMERA Wrestling, Aaron's interest was high in this company and there interest was just as high in Aaron. Finally in June 2015, the two reached an agreement and a contract was signed and the date for Aaron's return to the ring was finally set into stone.

CHIMERA being a new company will be hosting it's first event a Super-Show called Kingdom Come, a sixteen man one night tournament. Where the winner and last man standing will be crowned the first ever CHIMERA All-Pro Champion, the highest prize in the company and sixteen men will battle it out for the right to earn that prize. One of those sixteen men will be none other than Aaron Joseph, as he makes his return and strives to once again be the BEST this industry has to offer!



I've been waiting for this moment for quite sometime, I've thought about this moment in my head over and over again. When I left this industry back in 2011 I knew it wouldn't be the last time I stepped foot inside a ring, but tragedy and problems derailed and sidetracked my career and return for a lot longer than I expected. Than I finally got the chance again to get back into the ring, only to blow out my knee not even halfway into the match. Once again derailing my path back, but finally..finally that time has come once again! CHIMERA Wrestling is giving me that chance, and the opportunity of a lifetime! But why CHIMERA? Why didn't I go big for the mainstream companies? FUCK EM! They never did nothing for me, so why should I do something for them? Why should I draw them fans, or talent for that matter. Instead I went with the smaller unknown company CHIMERA is giving me a chance to make my return, and not only that I get a chance to once again be at the top of the business. The place I was when I left back in 2011 and the place I intend to get right back to!

One night sixteen man tournament, the winner crowned the first ever All-Pro Champion! The stakes could not be higher, and I have fifteen other wrestlers fighting for the same thing. All wanting to come out on top and be the first man to hoist that precious championship into the air. But there can only be one man, and that man is going to be none other that myself! I've worked hard waiting for this moment to come, I have strategically planned this moment out in my head over and over again. CHIMERA has a good list of young upcoming talent, I can't say that i'm still young and upcoming. Hell I know I'm well out of the prime of my career, but that doesn't mean that I can't still hang with the best this business has to offer. That doesn't mean, that I am not still the best this business has to offer. But the odds are stacked against men, and against most of the other fifteen superstars in this match. None of us know absolutely anything about who we will be fighting, everything will be done at random on Sunday night at Kingdom Come. So right now I have no fucking clue which one of this unlucky douche bags, will get the honor of getting their ass handed to them by me on Sunday night. Never the less it really doesn't fucking matter which one of them it is, the outcome is going to be the same. I'm going to be standing with my hand raised when the match is over, and they will be laying on their backs looking up at a fucking LEGEND!

I feel sorry for the poor unlucky bastard that has to face me in the first round of this tournament, I'm going to be coming in at full steam and this poor bastard is going to get ran the fuck over like a piece of roadkill. I've been waiting way too long for this moment, way to long to be snubbed in the first round either, in the later rounds I will be winded and this younger stars might have an advantage on me, but in the first round there is not a fucking person on the CHIMERA roster that can compete with me, and you can bet your fucking ass on that! I earned the nickname 'Simply Fucking Amazing' for a reason, and I still can show everyone that reason without a doubt. Aftershock 91? like seriously? I would tear this amigo like a fucking chicken burrito! This guy is a fucking joke, and calls himself a wrestler? Please, I've seen roosters fight better than this kid thinks he can fight! Penance, this guy looks like he is ready for a fucking horror show. NEWSFLASH! Halloween is not for a few more months you can put the costume away, I mean seriously what the fuck has this industry gone to since I left? I know COMPLETE SHIT!! It's absolutely pathetic nowadays the people that think they have talent, it amazes me and sickens me at the same time.

Guys like Jackson Ford, and Cedro Martinez those are names I recognize from back in the days. These are possible threats or challenges so to speak, but I may not even get a chance to face either of them. This whole random draw, anything can happen really. I could get a breeze ride all the way to the finals before I finally get somebody who can give me a challenge or run for my money! Looking over this list of superstars I don't feel threatened, and my odds are pretty good and strongly in my favor. I've never been fond of tournaments, but the stakes of this one being as high as they are. I feel like my chances are just as good as any of these other so called wrestlers who think they are going to win this thing! Than you got the heavyweights who are in this tournament, some of this guys are pretty big and definitely have a size advantage on me. But you know that saying size doesn't matter, well it's TRUE! I may not be able to do some of my normal moves in a match against one of these big ass fuckers, but that won't stop me from beating them into the ground and coming out with a victory. There are many ways I can take a big man down and make him my size, so I'm not worried if I have to go up against one of these overgrown pieces of shit!

Jed Wayne, Matt Skaff, the list goes on and on in this tournament, but the fact of the matter is i'm not going to waste my time talking about each and everyone in this tournament. We all stand even odds going in, none of us know a goddamn thing and that's all that matters. When the bell sounds whoever is the better wrestler is going to come out on top, and that's all there is to it! So why waste my fucking time, and your fucking time running down a list of possible opponents? The fact is I am as ready as I have ever been to make my return to the ring, I have been hesitant in the past. But no longer am I.. I know that the time is now, and it's not going to get better than this. I plan to turn CHIMERA into a goddamn dynasty, and the building of that dynasty starts at Kingdom Come, there is not a person or thing that is going to stop me from walking out of Kingdom Come as the first ever All-Pro Champion! Come one, come all, but there is NOBODY who will be able to stop me when the time comes! It's a dynasty in the making, a plan I've been thinking of for years and years. It's time that plan comes to fold, and everyone who will witness GREATNESS!

Whether I'm the favorite or the underdog it doesn't make a difference, because the outcome will the be the same either way. When it's all said and done, when all the blood and sweat has fallen. I will be the one who survives fifteen other men and has my hand raised at the end of the night and crowned the first ever CHIMERA All-Pro Champion! I went out of this business as a champion, and I'm coming right back into this business as a champion. Just try and fucking stop me, go ahead and make that mistake see what happens. Mark my words this is only the beginning, the beginning of a long and glorious final chapter in my life! CHIMERA, and everyone else is going to see first hand Sunday night why they call me..