I sat by myself in the corner of my room, at my office desk reflecting back on No Good Deed The Vintage Era loss.. Once again I was not beaten, Cedro was the one who got pinned by none the less a defeat is a defeat, and we were defeated. The tag team championships have been taken from our grasps, and it's something that I am struggling to deal with. The fact of the matter is, that since day one here in CHIMERA I have YET to be pinned or submitted. There is not a fucking soul on this roster who is been able to pin me or make me tap out. Jed Wayne wasn't even able to accomplish that defeat, as the match ended via disqualification. I kept reflecting on how Cedro and I went wrong at No Good Deeds, and what had cost us our tag team titles. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, I stopped looking around. I wasn't expecting anybody to show up, Scott was out of town on vacation and I wasn't expecting and drop by from Cedro or anyone else for that matter. I stood up from my seat, and began to walk towards the door.




My brother and I had a very difficult relationship, as children I was abusive, and use to beat and torture Mason. I made his life very difficult, and eventually after the death of our parents, he went out on his own and I hadn't heard or seen him in years. But earlier last year, he made a visit to me and the two of us saw each other for the first time in over ten years. But after that visit, I hadn't seen or heard anything from Mason yet again. Now here he was outside my house paying me an unexpected visit. I had to wonder what this was about, I opened the door to see Mason standing there dressed nicely like he had just came from somewhere important. I stepped back letting him walk into the house, before closing the door behind him.

AARON JOSEPH: "What brings you to my neck of the woods?"

MASON JOSEPH: "I happened to catch you in action the other night.

AARON JOSEPH: "Well unfortunately it wasn't anything special!"

MASON JOSEPH: "I thought you had given up, and retired. What happened?"

AARON JOSEPH: "Wrestling is all I know, I had the itch that needed to be scratched."

MASON JOSEPH: "It was good to see you back in action, regardless of the unfortunate outcome."

AARON JOSEPH: "Well I know you didn't come all the way here just to tell me that.. So what really brings you here Mason?"

Mason nodded knowing that I was right, and that wasn't the reason he was here at all. Mason walked over sitting on a bar stool near the kitchen, before turning to look back at me.

MASON JOSEPH: "I'm getting married Aaron, and I want you to be my best man."

AARON JOSEPH: "Married? Damn, that's almost as unexpected as this visit."

MASON JOSEPH: "I'm settling down, I've found a girl that's perfect for me and I'm going to marry her."

AARON JOSEPH: "Congratulations Mason, but why ask me to be your best man? We've never had a good relationship with one another."

MASON JOSEPH: "Regardless of everything, you're my blood and I would like you to be my best man. So what do you say?"

Mason had caught me off guard, but he was right. Regardless of our relationship in the past, he was my blood and only brother. I wanted to be there for him in his special time. So I nodded my head, about to agree to be his best man.

AARON JOSEPH: "You're my blood, and I'll be your best man at your wedding bro!"

MASON JOSEPH: "Excellent, I was hoping you would say yes."

AARON JOSEPH: "So when's the big day?"

MASON JOSEPH: "It's still a few months away, but I'm glad you're going to be there for me bro."

AARON JOSEPH: "Regardless of our past, you're my blood and blood is thicker than water!"

MASON JOSEPH: "Mind giving me a ride to the airport, so I don't have to call a cab?"

AARON JOSEPH: "Not at all, let me grab my keys."

I walked into the kitchen and reached around, grabbing my keys off the hook on the wall before walking back out of the kitchen. I nodded at Mason, as the two of us headed towards the front door. I opened the door, as he walked out first and I followed. Closing the door behind us, before using my key to lock the door. I pressed the key-less entry button on my remote, as unlocked the car doors as Mason hopped into the passenger seat. I opened the drivers door, sitting down in the drivers seat. I put the key in the ignition and started it, as I closed my door putting the car into reverse as we backed down the driveway..


[ R E C ]

I set the camcorder down on the table positioned in front of me, as I hit the record button before stepping backwards. I was ready to get down to business and cut this promo before taking my flight out of Vegas and heading to the destination. I cleared my throat, as I got ready to speak my mind.

AARON JOSEPH: "At No Good Deed, The Vintage Era was defeated.. Cedro and I lost the tag team titles to Anarchy and Annijah Snow. It was a grueling battle but in the end, The Vintage Era was no victorious. Our first real defeat as a tag team, yet it came all too soon. I had high hopes and plans, but that not comes to a halt with the tag team titles no longer in my hands. I know I am on the verge of the end, I only have so long left before it's time to call it quits. I came out of retirement for this last run here in CHIMERA, and knowing I am already on the edge. Ryker Prins continues to push me closer and closer to the edge, hoping the I will eventually lose my balance and go tumbling over the edge. Since day one he has had it in for me, and he continues to push me to my limits. This week Cedro was given a consultation prize and shot at the Internet Title, but where is my consultation prize? What exactly do I get? Two mid-card talents? OHH FUCKING JOY!"

"It's complete and utter bullshit, am I right? I have yet to be officially defeated since coming out of retirement, yet I get no fucking respect! NONE! It's a shame too really, because I have taken this company to levels it never would have reached if I wasn't apart of it. Prins knows damn well I am the foundation that he has built this company around, and yet I get the shaft. Every fucking week I get the shaft, with not a god damn thing to show for it. Well it's about time that stops. Ryker has made my life hell, and now it's time I do the same for him. Ryker like it or not, I am the foundation of this company and without me you have NOTHING! If I walk, this company will become nothing but a cloud of dust that will eventually come to a rest on the ground it was built on. So that means one thing Ryker, you either start giving me what I want or I walk simple as that. I don't need the money, and I sure as hell don't need this bullshit you're trying to pull week in and week out."

"You wanna toss me into the ring with two mid-card talents, two wrestlers that have yet to prove a thing since coming into CHIMERA. Sure they both may be on the winning track, each coming off victories over the past few weeks. But they are by no means in my league, or on my level for that matter. You wanna give me this mid card spots? I will take advantage of them, you want to put your fresh talent in the ring with me? I will destroy them limb from limb, and make you regret your decisions Ryker. We all know that the CHIMERA roster is not strong and healthy, it's not as big and strong as you would like it to be. Yet you risk chances like this? WHY? I've ended a few careers here in CHIMERA already, and now you disgrace me with a match like this? You'll be damn lucky if I don't end two more careers at Ignition and make you hunt for more new talent to bring to this company that is slowly falling into the gutter! FUCK YOU RYKER! Fuck your bullshit excuse for company that you call CHIMERA! You want something from me? YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET IT!"

I smirked and nodded, victory was mine when Ignition comes. I know Ryker wants to see me lose, but it's not going to happen. Once again I will leave without being defeated just like I always do.

AARON JOSEPH: "Victor Mason and Ace Marshall, unfortunately for you two souls your boss as given you the death penalty. Putting you into a match, that neither one of you have a chance of winning. It's actually quite a shame, I mean obviously you're decent wrestlers, and could have a potential successful future here in CHIMERA. Yet Ryker, has set both of you up for failure this week putting me into this match and making it a triple threat contest. It would have made me since if it was a one on on battle between the two of you, but adding me to the mix makes it a recipe for destruction. It also makes it a contest that the two of you can't and won't win, you can mark my words on that. I just had my tag team titles taken from me, even when I was not the one who was pinned in the match, I still faced defeat. That's not going to happen this week, this week I will not face defeat. I will not be stopped by two upcoming mid-carders. I am a FUCKING LEGEND, I want the RESPECT that I fucking DESERVE!"

"It's obvious that in order for me to get what I want, I'm going to have to make a statement. Something is going to have to give sooner or later, and Ryker knows it just as much as I do. So at Ignition I will make a statement, and Victor Mason and Ace Marshall will become my sacrifices for this statement that I will make. Whether or not I decided to take it a step further and end someones career at Ignition, that still remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, I will be the one standing victorious when the match is over, and I will be one more step ahead of Ryker Prins once again. Now that I no longer have the tag team titles, I can look forward to bigger and better things. At Ignition Cedro will walk away the new Internet Champion, and after I demolish Victor Mason and Ace Marshall. I'm going to move forward to bigger and better things like the All-Pro Championship and Jed Wayne!."

"Heart Of Glory is just over the horizon, and I know Ryker has something in mind for the All-Pro Championship and Jed Wayne at Heart Of Glory. I may not be the something that he had in mind, but I will make damn certain that I become that SOMETHING! I will ruin whatever plans you may have Ryker, if it's the last thing I fucking do I will make your life hell. You have tried time and time again to get the best of me, and yet every time you have tried you have done nothing but FAIL! And you will continue to do so, no matter what you do or how hard you try. Just face the facts Ryker, you will never EVER get the best of me. I have proving that time and time again, and at Ignition when I face Victor Mason and Ace Marshall it will be no different. They may have potential in your eyes Ryker, but the only potential they have at Ignition is the potential to have their career ended by a fucking legend. This is not over, not by a long shot. I will make you regret your decisions Ryker, you can fucking bet on that. At Ignition Ace Marshall, Victor Mason, and YOU will find out why I am.. SIMPLY FUCKING AMAZING!"

I walked forward to the table, grabbing the camcorder and hitting the stop button as I ended the promo happy with the outcome. It was now time, to march forward to Ignition, and let my actions speak louder than my words.

[S T O P . R E C ]