[ R E C ]

The light glistened off the gold of the CHIMERA Tag Team Championship belt, that sat laying across the table in front of Aaron Joseph. Aaron had not let the belt out of his sites sense acquiring it at Go For Broke when him and Cedro became victorious in the tournament and where crowned the first ever CHIMERA Tag Team Champions. Aaron sat forward in his chair and positioned the small camcorder in front of him, placing it behind the title belt on the table. Aaron pressed the record button, before sitting back in his chair as he cleared his throat.

AARON JOSEPH: "Once again Cedro and myself defied all logic and reason, and walked into Go For Broke in Las Vegas, Nevada and did exactly what we said we would do.. That was destroy the competition in front of us work properly as a tag team and walk out the first ever CHIMERA Wrestling Tag Team Champions, and at Go For Broke you all watched that very thing happen. History was made just like we said it would be, what started out as a joke when management teamed Cedro and myself together has turned into anything but a joke. Nobody expected us to make it as a functioning team past our very first match, but we did and now we both are sitting and basking in the glory of being a champion once again. I've waited a long time to have championship gold back in my grasps but now that I do, you better damn well believe it's going to take a WHOLE HELLUVA a lot to take this belt away from me. You damn sure can count on that, and I know Cedro feels the same way. The Vintage Era reigned supreme at Go For Broke, and we will continue to reign supreme as time progresses. There is now a big target painted on the backs of Cedro and myself, and I know damn well that everyone is going to be coming after us trying to get the belts away from The Vintage Era. But I will tell everyone right now, those who try will just fall flat and face their inevitable defeat."

"I sit here before you a marked man in more than one way, not only now as a tag champion will I have all the other tag team coming for Cedro and myself. But due to the loss of Jager Dunkirk at Go For Broke, and his apparent serious shoulder injury. I have Annijah Snow breathing down my neck, wanting and waiting to get his hands on me. Everywhere I go this guy is around, waiting for me to make a mistake so he can make his move. It's like a game of chess that he is playing, and I know in due time I will have no choice but to have to get into the ring and put Annijah Snow in his place! We've played this game for far too long Snow, we both have differences with one another. We both have had our issues with one another, it's time that I finally put you where you belong and settle this fiasco once and for all. While you may have absolutely man handled Jager, and carted him right out of CHIMERA with a shoulder injury. Don't you think that for one second you're going to have the same kind of luck with me Snow, I'm a totally different caliber wrestler than Jager is or ever will be. I'm a whole different caliber wrestler than you are and ever will be, I'm on a level that you have yet to see in your pathetic career and you probably will never see that level. Make no mistake about it, I am SIMPLY FUCKING AMAZING, and you are simply fucking pathetic. When the time comes Snow, and we both know that the time is going to come it's just a question of when and where. But when it happens I am going to be ready to hand you the ass kicking that you have coming, and I will finally teach you not to ever stink your big ass nose into my business again. Nuff said time to move on.."

Aaron smiled before laughing, he found the whole matter very amusing. He knew how bad Snow wants to get his hands on him, and Aaron simply finds the matter very amusing, seemingly antagonizing Snow more and more. Aaron sat forward in his chair, as he glanced down at the championship belt in front of him, placing his hand on the center of the belt as he glared back up into the camera.

AARON JOSEPH: "Sunday night at Ignition, The Vintage Era will be back in action once again. Of course it will be a non-title match, but none the less it's a match and we have some opponents who will be trying their hardest to show us up. However at Go For Broke The Thunder Squad the Anthony brothers were unable to show anybody up as they didn't even make it to the final stage of the tournament, so what exactly do Cedro and myself have to prove to them? Why should The Vintage Era even step foot into the ring against these two clowns? I mean it's quite obvious these two buffoons are no where near in the same league of the tag team champions. So why must we have to work on a Sunday night, and beat these two idiots into oblivion. Shouldn't we be granted a show off, being we just demolished the whole tag team division in one night? But I guess we are not going to get any breaks around here, it's going to be like this week in and week out I can just tell already. Ryker Prins has had it in for me since day one here in CHIMERA, and now that I am holding championship gold that stick up his ass just got shoved a little further up the rectum. But none the less The Thunder Squad is next on the hit list for The Vintage Era and Sunday night Cedro and I will give these two kids a lesson on how to be a champion."

"Brady and Casey Anthony, the two of you have the opportunity of a lifetime Sunday night at Ignition. Although it may be a non-title match, none the less it will be the opportunity of a lifetime for the two of you. A chance to step into the ring with the likes of two legends to this industry like Cedro and myself, it's moments like this that you would dream about as kids. You have the chance to show the CHIMERA management what you have as you step into the ring against The Vintage Era, the chance to turn a few heads if you will. But the fact of the matter is simple, The Vintage Era is on a different level than The Thunder Squad. We proved it at Go For Broke by becoming the first ever tag team champions, and we will prove it once again at Ignition when we destroy The Thunder Squad, beating them up and down the arena. Cedro and I have nothing left to prove to you idiots, we have proven everything that we needed to prove at Go For Broke. But our path of destruction did not end at Go For Broke, and it will continue right into and through Ignition on Sunday Night. Right now there is not a fucking tag team in the whole CHIMERA roster that can touch us. The loss to Anarchy and Devlin was a fluke and we proved it in the finals of the tournament when we redeemed ourselves and won when it really matter. When everything was on the line and the pressure was pressed against us, we were the only team who didn't choke under the pressure and we capitalized on it. These two kids who couldn't prove anything at Go For Broke wanna sit back and call us noobs. Talk about how Ryker is so called feeding us to the wolves? Are you fucking serious right now?"

Aaron shakes his head as he reaches down grabbing the tag championship belt, and picking it up as he drapes it over his shoulder before glaring back into the camera with a smirk on his face from ear to ear.

AARON JOSEPH: "You see this belt on my shoulder right here, this belt makes me far from a noob. Thirteen years in this industry makes me far from a noob, go back to your MLG video games scrubs because you're nowhere near where you wanna be when you step into the ring with us on Sunday night. Ryker doesn't want you two as the champions of this company, I know damn well he doesn't want me and Cedro as the champions. But there is no way he would want two clowns like you being the team to represent the tag division. But sooner or later Mr. Prins is going to have to face the facts, and deal with the fact that The Vintage Era is in fact the REAL FUCKING DEAL! You might have wanted us to be a joke, when you decided to place us together as a tag team, but it has done nothing but come back to bite you in the ass. I know it kills you deep down Ryker, I know you hate seeing this belt draped over my shoulder. It probably sickens you looking at it, but DEAL WITH IT! It's not going to change anytime soon, like I've already said there is not a team on the CHIMERA Roster that can stop what you have created. So you better go back to the drawing board, and see what else you can come up with or who you can find to try and stop the war path that Cedro and I will continue to create as the time passes."

"There is no stopping the beasts that you have created Ryker, now you and the rest of the CHIMERA roster will deal with what you have created. The dominance of TVE as just begun, and the legacy that we are going to create will be nothing like you people have seen before. It's the new beginning of the end, and the end of The Thunder Squad as we know it will come Sunday night at Ignition. We'll see you there NOOBS!"

Aaron takes the tag title off his shoulder and places it back on the table in front of him, as he hits the stop button ending the recording, before pushing the camcorder off the table and shattering it into a bunch of tiny pieces.

[ E N D . R E C ]