Las Vegas, Nevada
August 13th, 2015
6:18pm Local Time

A warm Thursday night, the Las Vegas scene was starting to kick off early as downtown Fremont street was packed full of people. Which was typical everyday for Fremont street, but the atmosphere seemed different than normal. There was a ruckus crowd of angry drunks stirring up an argument outside of the Golden Nugget, as the stoplight turned red and the pedestrian light lit up and the crowd of people waiting to cross from one side of Fremont street to the other began flooding the street as they made their way across. Aaron stood leaning against the wall on the outside of the Four Queens casino, with Scott standing next to him puffing on a cigarette. Aaron looked at Scott shaking his head, as he pushed off the wall of the Four Queens casino and stood up straight.

AARON JOSEPH: "How many times have I told you, those are going to kill you one day?"

SCOTT CARROLL: "More than enough times!"

AARON JOSEPH: "So why do you continue to smoke them?"

SCOTT CARROLL: "It's hard to fight the addiction."

Aaron stepped back and his facial expression quickly changed, as he began to glare Scott up and down shaking his head. Scott stood there confused, as Aaron began to scream at him.


SCOTT CARROLL: "NO, NO!! That's not what I mean Aaron, you know that."

AARON JOSEPH: "Do I Scott? Because it sure sounded like that's what you meant."

Scott hadn't mean to strike a nerve, but his words about addiction did just thought. Stirring up angry emotions inside Aaron, as he thought back to when he fought an addiction two separate times. Scott put his head down and shook it in shame, before lifting it back up and looking at Aaron. Who still had an angered looking on his face, as he began to turn and walk away from Scott.

SCOTT CARROLL: "You know that's know what I meant Aaron, it just came out wrong. I'm sorry bro!

AARON JOSEPH: "You know that shit is a sensitive subject for me, you shouldn't have even mentioned that word."

SCOTT CARROLL: "I know it's my fault, and I'm sorry dude."

AARON JOSEPH: "I didn't mean to snap at you like I did, I've just got a lot of stress right now, with the whole Annijah Snow mess at Ignition. Everything just has me on edge right now."

SCOTT CARROLL: "He got fired for putting his hands on you, he got exactly what he deserved!"

AARON JOSEPH: "Yea but Prins now signs him to a contract, and gives him Jager in a match at Go For Broke with the chances of a future match against me."

SCOTT CARROLL: "You don't need to worry about Snow, he's no match for you in the ring."

AARON JOSEPH: "I'm not worried about him, I just want the problem to go away. I have bigger things to concentrate on, like winning the Tag Team Championships!"

Aaron smiled, the thought of the Tag Team Championships brought joy to his face as his angry look went away and was quickly replaced with a smile as he thought about winning the Tag Team Championships at Go For Broke.

SCOTT CARROLL: "I'm sure Jager is going to take care of Snow at Go For Broke!"

AARON JOSEPH: "I sure hope so, this is the time for him to step up and show what he is made of."

SCOTT CARROLL: "I'm confident that he will, he knows what's at stake!"

AARON JOSEPH: "I guess we're going to find out soon enough."

SCOTT CARROLL: "Speaking of Jager, isn't he supposed to be meeting us down here."

AARON JOSEPH: "Yeah, but he's over an hour late. I've texted him multiple times and have not gotten any response what so ever!"

SCOTT CARROLL: "Hmmm.. That's very odd!"

AARON JOSEPH: "Yeah something just doesn't seem right to me."

SCOTT CARROLL: "You got one of those vibes again?"

Aaron nodded his head to say yes to Scott's question, Aaron than reached into his pocket pulling out his cellphone. He checked again to see if he had a message from Jager, but there was still nothing. Aaron shook his head, before letting out a sigh of frustration as he began to dial Jager's number before hitting send as he put the phone to his ear and it began to ring. However there was no answer, the phone continued to ring and ring before finally sending Aaron to voicemail. Aaron pulled the phone away from his ear and clicked end, before locking his screen and slipping his phone back into his pocket.

AARON JOSEPH: "He's not answering, I don't know what we should do!"

SCOTT CARROLL: "Call your sister and see if she has heard from him at all."

AARON JOSEPH: "Good idea!"

Aaron reached back into his pocket and pulled his cell phone out once again, unlocking the screen he quickly went to his contacts finding his sister's number before clicking send as he lifted the phone to his ear. After a short pause it began ringing, Aaron expected her to pick up any second because she was always quick to answer her phone. But it kept on ringing and there was no answer, after the sixth ring it went to her voicemail message as Aaron put his hand on his head and let out of sigh of frustration before clicking end and pulling the phone down away from his ear.


SCOTT CARROLL: "She's not answering either?"

AARON JOSEPH: "No, and she always answers."

SCOTT CARROLL: "So what are we going to do?"

AARON JOSEPH: "I don't know, but this is BULLSHIT! Now I'm paranoid.."

SCOTT CARROLL: "I'm sure everything is fine, it just seems odd."

AARON JOSEPH: "Too odd, something definitely not right about this."

SCOTT CARROLL: "You're probably just paranoid or something."

AARON JOSEPH: "Well I'd rather be safe than sorry, COME ON! We are going for a drive!"

The two of them begin walking as they head off of Fremont street, and down a block towards a big parking structure where Aaron had parked his car. Suddenly Aaron's cellphone begins to ringing, he stops walking and reaches into his pocket pulling his phone out. Looking at the screen it said sister, Aaron sighed in relief before clicking the button and answering the call.


Aaron hung up his phone before quickly sliding it into his pocket, a look of distress came over his face as he shook his head before turning towards Scott..

SCOTT CARROLL: "What's up? What's going on Aaron?"

AARON JOSEPH: "Jager has been in an accident."

SCOTT CARROLL: "Accident? What kind of an accident?"

AARON JOSEPH: "I don't know, Angela was loosing it."

SCOTT CARROLL: "Is he okay?"

AARON JOSEPH: "No clue, I just know they are at UMC. So let's go!"

Aaron looks both ways before dashing into the middle of the street and across and Scott quickly followed him, the two quickly made their way into the parking structure where Aaron had parked his vehicle. As they approached Aaron's 1969 Camero he hit his alarm, and unlocked the car as the two quickly hopped into the vehicle. Aaron wasted no time as he fired the car up revving his engine, as he tossed it into reverse and quickly whipped out of the parking space before dropping the car into first gear and peeling out as they zoomed towards the exit of the parking structure drifting onto the street as Aaron floored it and they took off down the road towards University Medical Center.

[ R E C ]

Aaron vigorously paced back and forth on his back patio, with the sun starting to set. The temperature outside was finally starting to cool off. Scott stood across from Aaron fiddling with a video camera, as he positioned it to face Aaron. Aaron seemed to be getting frustrated, looking at Scott almost to ask if he was done yet. But instead Aaron just gave him a glare, that could turn someone to stone it was so intense. Finally Scott finished, and stepped back as he hit the record button before giving Aaron and thumbs up. Aaron smiled and nodded before clearing his throat, as he stopped pacing back and forth and glared deep into the camera lens.

AARON JOSEPH: "Annijah Snow I told you, that you would pay the consequences for sticking your nose into my business. Now at Ignition you went right ahead and put your hands on me and attacked me, that was your mistake. The second mistake that you have now made, while Mr. Prins may have fired you and then re-hired you as a contracted superstar. You know suddenly think you're going to be able to run right over me am I correct? Well I'm sorry to be the one to have to inform you, but that is not going to be the case. I'm not intimidated by you Snow, you don't scare or threaten me one bit. You wanna get your hands on me, you wanna place your hands on me and beat me down? Well first you're going to have to go through Jager, and if somehow you manage to stop him than you will get a chance at a shot to get me into the ring. But if that happens, that will only be the beginning of when your problems truly start. I'm not the person you want to fuck with Snow, just go ahead and ask around the locker room and see what people tell you. I'm the wrong motherfucker to get on the bad side of, and you got on my bad side right from the start. I've given you warning after warning, and you continue to want to stay on that bad side, well that's fine Snow you go ahead and do that. But once again I am going to warn you, that you have no chance against a man of my ring ability. You were hired as a security enforcer for one reason alone, because you're a big ass mofo. But that doesn't make you shit Snow, because you're nothing but shit. So go ahead run your filthy fucking mouth, and at Go For Broke Jager is going to beat you're ass down. Problems will be solved, but for you they will just be beginning."

"The pieces are finally beginning to fall into place, after a rough start to my CHIMERA career things are turning around. As we head towards Go For Broke, I once again have a shot to achieve CHIMERA gold.. But This time it's not solo gold in my sights, it's tag team gold! What turned out originally to be a plan for my demise by Ryker Prins, has slowly done a complete turn around. For two consecutive events now Cedro Martinez and myself have proven that we can work together as a team, we have shown a mutual respect for one another and have been able to get the jobs at hand done without any problems. Now with Go For Broke on the horizon, Cedro Martinez and I have a chance to become the first ever CHIMERA Tag Team Champions. There are five other teams fighting for the same objective, three separate qualifying matches, and than a triple threat sudden death tag team match that will decide the first ever Tag Team Champions.. It's going to be one helluva a journey to the final match for us, but both Cedro and I have our eyes set on the prize and there is no chance in hell we are leaving Go For Broke without that prize!"

"Devlin Raine and Anarchy, two men who we just stepped into the ring with at Ignition in that wild six man tag team match. The same two men who we will face off with at Go For Broke in our qualifying match and the chance at the Tag Team Championships later in the night. At Ignition the two of you were on the losing end, Jed Wayne may have been involved and neither of you may have been pinned. But the fact of the matter is you were on the losing side, and that will be no different at Go For Broke! The Vintage Era has been born, and right now everyone still believes we are nothing more than a fluke. We continue to show that we can operate on all cylinders, that we can cooperate together as a team and work towards that common goal that the two of us share. Yet the doubt still lingers, nobody wants to show confidence in The Vintage Era.. But that is where the mistake will be made, the lack of confidence everyone has for us it was will drive us to succeed. It's what will drive us to accomplish the feat that nobody believes we can, but when Go For Broke comes to an end and The Vintage Era is crowned the first ever Tag Team Champions you all will be proven WRONG!"

"Devlin Raine you and Anarchy may be similar to Cedro and myself, for the simple fact that you two are also complete opposites. But unlike Cedro and myself, the opposites don't work well for the two of you and it was proven at Ignition in that six man tag team match. Sure you can go ahead and toss the blame to Rodney Stillwater since he is the one who got pinned, but regardless it was a team match and you two didn't do you part to help out your teammate. Which makes me believe you two won't be able to work properly as a tag team come Go For Broke, when the stakes are a lot higher than they were at Ignition. Being able to perform to the highest level when it matters is something the two of you are going to have to learn to do the hard way, but don't worry I believe they make a pill that will help you out with that problem."

Aaron paused for a moment, as he laughed and smirked. He brushed his hand across his scruffy beard, once again clearing his throat before positioning himself towards the camera once again.

AARON JOSEPH: "You see in this industry to get ahead you must find the weakness and exploit it, and in this case the weakness is Devlin Raine.. Why? Because I fucking said so, that's all the why you need! It's simple he is one a different caliber than his partner Anarchy, the two are have different styles and different strengths. But in this case, Devlin's strengths are less than those of his partner which is why Cedro and myself will try and keep Devlin in the ring for as long as we can while we slowly wear him down. It's all about the technique and how you use it to your advantage, Cedro and I have discussed the game plan several times. The two of us know exactly what it is going to take, to walk out of Go For Broke as the first ever CHIMERA Tag Team Champions. I can't say the same for you and Anarchy, I don't think you two know exactly what it is going to take. I don't think you two even have what it will take to get the job done none the less, cocky? Far from it! I've been around this business long enough to be able to back up every damn word that comes from my mouth. I have yet to be actually defeated since returning to this industry, am I wrong? Sure I got two losses behind me, but I've still yet to have my shoulders pinned to the mat for 3 seconds, and I sure as hell have not tapped out recently. So the fact of the matter is I have yet to be defeated, and my first defeat is sure as hell not going to come from the two of you. It's sure as hell not going to come at Go For Broke, mark my words on that."

"Two previous chances to claim a championship have slipped through my grasps, but they say third times a charm. Right? Well third time is a fucking charm, because I will be dammed if i'm going to let this chance slip through my grasps like the previous two have. This time, I've got someone else behind me who is just as hungry to hold a championship as I am. We all had a taste of each other at Ignition, but it was only a preview of what our match at Go For Broke is going to be like. This time it will just be a regular tag team match, you will have no one to relay on but that partner who you barley know. Correct? Can you really count on him when it counts Devlin? Can you really trust a man who hides himself behind a mask? Can you really trust a man, who is as rebellious as Anarchy? His name along should make you worry if he can be trusted, yet you wanna seem to believe the two of you can defeat two veterans, two legends of this industry? You have lost your god damn mind, you need to come back to reality and face the facts kid! Maybe the ass kicking that's ahead will help you come back to reality!"

Aaron paused again, reaching his left hand up as he ran his fingers through his hair and smirked into the camera. A small chuckle came out of Aaron, followed by a sinister smile as he glared deep into the lens of the camera.

AARON JOSEPH: "It has been five long years since I last held championship gold, five years too many. It's time the wait for me to regain a championship finally came to an end, It has been eight years since I last held a tag team championship. Most who know me, know that throughout my career I've rode solo. Very rarely do I align myself with anyone, or give anybody any sort of trust. I like to depend on myself, not on someone else. However, I have proven that I can work with someone to get a job done. I have proven that time and time again, and at Go For Broke I am going to prove it to the fullest when Cedro and I get crowned the first ever Tag Team Champions. It's not going to be Devlin Raine and Anarchy, it's not going to be The Thunder Squad, it's not going to be New Axis, it's not going to be Los Pollos. The team that is going to walk out of Go For Broke with the belts is going to be none other than The Vintage Era, there is no fucking doubt about it! It doesn't matter what teams wanna bring the best they have at us, because nobody's best is better than The Vintage Fucking Era!"

"So than we come to Anarchy, the man who hides himself behind a mask and speaks of revolutions and his anti-government thoughts. The kid who was once a rebellious teenager, who now believes he is something far more something special. NEWS FLASH! You're just an ordinary mother fucker with a mask on his face, I don't know what you're smoking or seeing that makes you believe otherwise Anarchy. I don't see anything special in you, there is nothing that sparks my interests or catches my eye. You're just like the thousands of other wrestlers I watch come in and out of this business everyday, you're absolutely no fucking different than the rest of them. You think that mask you wear over your face makes you different? Do you think the anti-government garbage you spew out of your mouth makes you special? Well I hate to be the one to break it to you, well who am I kidding I love being the one. But the fact of the matter Anarchy, is you're no different that anybody else. You can believe you conspiracy theories, spew your political anti bullshit at me and everyone else. But I could honestly give a fuck about any of that, I've always known the government of this country was corrupt so you're not providing me with any spectacular information."

"What you need to concentrate on is your future, you need to forget about all these other bullshit and focus on the present. You think you're special, you think you're gifted? Well fucking prove it than, you had a chance to do so at Ignition and you failed to prove anything to me or the rest of CHIMERA for that matter. Now another opportunity awaits you at Go For Broke, an opportunity with huge stakes and a huge prize. I have no doubt in my mind you want Championship gold, something to boost your ego some more and give you that confidence that you may be lacking. But your challenge is going to be one that you will not be able to overcome. You will not be able to stop The Vintage Era from making history at Go For Broke, there is no team or person that is going to stop us from making history, and walking out of Go For Broke as the CHIMERA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!"

"We are not the best, we are not the greatest, we are The Vintage Era and we are SIMPLY FUCKING AMAZING!"

Aaron smiles and laughs, as he walks forward towards the camera before Scott his the stop button and ends the recording. Scott nods his head with approval and smiles as he pats Aaron on the back. Aaron walks to the sliding glass door, as he slides it open entering the house as Scott follows him inside..

[ E N D . R E C ]