JUNE 29th, 2015

Aaron sat on the edge of his bed in his small hotel room, his hands on his head a clear look of anger and frustration on his face. Half the hotel room had stuff scattered everywhere from an earlier fit of rage from Aaron. It was just after midnight, and a few hours had passed since Kingdom Come came to an end. Aaron had his chances to become the first ever All-Pro Champion taken out from under him as he lost by count-out in his second round match with Matt Skaff. Aaron had himself and Annijah Snow the CHIMERA Enforcer to blame for his loss and the outcome of the match. Distraction from Annijah caused Aaron's plan to backfire and led to a boot from Skaff that connected to a steel chair Aaron was holding in his hands that sent the chair flying back into the face of Aaron. Knocking Aaron off the apron of the ring and to the floor, where he was eventually counted out and lost the match.

Aaron was furious after the lost, as him and Annijah exchanged some nasty words with each other, Aaron's temper got the best of him and it cost him a chance of a lifetime. Aaron looked over his best friend and trainer Scott Carroll, who was sitting in a chair in the corner of the hotel room looking out the window.


SCOTT CARROLL: "You can't just blame him, it was partially your fault too."

AARON JOSEPH: "Are you kidding me, How can you say that? I had Skaff right where i wanted him, I was in control and than Annijah had to step in my way and get involved in something that was not his business!"

SCOTT CARROLL: "He was just doing his job, doing what Prins told him to do."

AARON JOSEPH: "BULLSHIT! He has a probably with me, he intentionally got involved. Skaff and him probably had it planned from the start, a way to screw me out of walking out as the All-Pro Champion!"

SCOTT CARROLL: "I think you're overreacting Aaron, you need to just calm the fuck down. You'll get another chance."

AARON JOSEPH: "Another chance? It's not about another chance, it's about the fact I shouldn't need another chance. I made some over-sized monster tap out in first round, I had another heavyweight in the second round. I had him down and out and was going for the kill shot and I got screwed! PLAIN AND SIMPLE I GOT SCREWED SCOTT!"

Aaron stood up from the edge of the bed and walked towards the door of the room, he grabbed the handle and swung the door open. He stopped before walking out the door and turned around to look at Scott, who was still sitting in the chair in the corner of the hotel room looking out the window.

AARON JOSEPH: "I'll be back!"

SCOTT CARROLL: "Where are you going?"

AARON JOSEPH: "For a walk, I need to clear my head!"

SCOTT CARROLL: "You know we have a flight to catch in about four hours."

AARON JOSEPH: "Yeah I'm aware, I'll be right back!"

SCOTT CARROLL: "Alright, I'll be here packing shit up!"

Aaron walked out of the hotel room, and into the hallway as he made his way towards the elevators as the hotel door closed behind him. Aaron walked up to the elevators hitting the button to call the elevator. He stood there waiting for about a minute, before the bell rung and the elevators doors opened. Aaron stepped inside hitting a button, as the elevator doors closed and the elevator went down..

JULY 2nd, 2015

Aaron's 2013 Lime Green Chevy Camaro pulled to a stop, as the drivers side door and passenger side door both opened at the same time. Aaron stepping out of the drivers side of the car, while Scott stepping out of the passenger side of the car. Scott closed his door and walked around the car meeting Aaron and the drivers side of the vehicle. The two stood there in front of Aaron's sister Angela's house.

SCOTT CARROLL: "So why are we here?"

AARON JOSEPH: "My sister has this new boyfriend, and she wants to introduce me to him."

SCOTT CARROLL: "So I have a feeling this is not going to go well, am I right?"

AARON JOSEPH: "What makes you say that?"

SCOTT CARROLL: "I don't know, maybe the fact that last time you met her boyfriend he ended up in the hospital with 15 stitches in his head!"

Aaron smiles widely before, breaking into a laugh and grinning.

AARON JOSEPH: "That guy was a complete idiot, he deserved to get his head smashed through that glass table.

SCOTT CARROLL: "Let's try to keep it less violent this time, can we do that?"

AARON JOSEPH: "I'll do my best, but I can't make any promises!"

Scott and Aaron walk up the path to the front door of the house, but as Aaron gets ready to knock on the door, it suddenly opens and a tall man, with a scruffy look and medium length hair is standing in front of both Aaron and Scott. The man steps aside and waves at Scott and Aaron to come inside. Aaron and Scott walk inside the house, as the man closes the door behind them and follows them into the living room.

SCRUFFY MAN: "Welcome Aaron, it's a pleasure to meet you! You're sister and I have been expecting you.

The man extends his hand towards Aaron's gesturing a handshake, Aaron hesitates for a minute before grabbing his hand and shaking it with a firm grip.

AARON JOSEPH: "So you must be the boyfriend I take it?"

SCRUFFY MAN: "That would be me, the names Jager.. Jager Dunkirk!

AARON JOSEPH: "JAGER? That's an interesting name!"

JAGER DUNKIRK: "Well my father was a drinker, and it was always his favorite.

AARON JOSEPH: "That would explain it, so where is my sister?"

JAGER DUNKIRK: "She's just finishing up getting ready, she'll be down in a moment. Would you guys care for something to drink?

AARON JOSEPH: "No thanks, I'm okay."

SCOTT CARROLL: "I'll take a water!"

Jager walks around the corner and into the kitchen, after a few moments he walks back around the corner with a water bottle in his hand. He reaches out handing the bottle to Scott who takes it from him before opening it and taking a quick drink.

AARON JOSEPH: "So Jager, what do you do for a living?"

JAGER DUNKIRK: "It's funny you should ask, I'm actually in the same profession as you are!

AARON JOSEPH: "WHOA, wait a minute.. You're a wrestler?"

JAGER DUNKIRK: "Yup, been inspiring for a few years now. About to make my breakout and debut in the next few weeks!

AARON JOSEPH: "Really, what company?"

JAGER DUNKRIK: "I'm still deciding, haven't made a decision as of yet!"

Aaron knods, and a look of intrigue seems to grow across his face as he looks at Jager. Suddenly Aaron's sister walks into the room in a beautiful long evening gown looking absolutely stunning. Aaron's attention turns to her, and he shakes his head.

AARON JOSEPH: "Don't you think you're a little over dressed for dinner?"

ANGELA JOSEPH: "Perhaps, but Jager and I are going out after the four of us have dinner."

JAGER DUNKIRK: "Yeah, I'm taking her out dancing. Your sister loves to dance Aaron!"

AARON JOSEPH: "She has ever since she was a child."

ANGELA JOSEPH: "So I see you two have met and gotten acquainted."

AARON JOSEPH: "Yeah, he was just telling me how he is getting ready to make his wrestling debut in a few weeks. I didn't think you were into wrestlers."

ANGELA JOSEPH: "Sometimes things change."

AARON JOSEPH: "Okay, so are we all ready to go than?"

JAGER DUNKIRK: "Yeah I think we are, do you wanna just follow us to the restaurant?"

AARON JOSEPH: "Yeah we'll follow you, I have no idea where we are going."

Aaron walks over towards the front door, and opens it as Scott steps out first followed by Aaron. Jager and Angela then make their way to the door as the four walk outside and towards their vehicles...

JULY 5th, 2015

Scott stood next to a pillar, outside what looks to be a set of medical buildings. He has a cigarette between his fingers, as he puts it to his mouth and takes a drag. Inhaling and exhaling the cancer smoke in and out of his lungs. A slight breeze begun to blow, as Scott glanced over his shoulder to a set of automatic doors that led into the building he was standing outside of. After a few seconds Aaron walks into the picture, as he began to make his way towards the set of doors. The doors slid apart as, Aaron walked through them and outside of the building making his way over to Scott. Scott took another drag of his cigarette before flicking it out of his fingers and to the ground, as Aaron approached him.

AARON JOSEPH: "You know that shit is going to kill you one die!"

SCOTT CARROLL: "Yeah, well I'm going to die one day anyways right?"

AARON JOSEPH: "A lot sooner than you would normally if you keep doing that shit!"

SCOTT CARROLL: "Whatever! How did it go? Is everything good?"

AARON JOSEPH: "Everything is fine, they cleared me to compete on Sunday at Ignition."

SCOTT CARROLL: "That's good news!"

AARON JOSEPH: "Good news for me, not as good for everyone else."

Aaron smiled, and the two laughed as they made their way away from the medical offices, and headed towards a shopping center across the way. Aaron came to a stop at the edge of the sidewalk looking both ways, before Scott and him dashed across the street to the sidewalk on the other side. They two walked down the sidewalk, as they made their way closer to the shopping center where they seemed to be heading to.

SCOTT CARROLL: "So what are we doing now?"

AARON JOSEPH: "We are going to meet a friend of mine."


AARON JOSEPH: "You'll find out when we get there."

The two continue to walk down the sidewalk, before Aaron turns down an alley leading to some run down old houses. The two continue to walk down the alley, making their way to wherever Aaron was taking them..


[ REC ]

Aaron paced back and forth in front of a window that was lighting very little light, into the dark room in which he was pacing back and forth in. Aaron stopped pacing and turned to his left, walking towards a bar stool that stood about 4 feet in front of him. On top of the stool was a video camera, Aaron walked over grabbing it and pressing the record button before placing the camera back down onto the stool and positioning it towards the window. Aaron grabbed chair that was next to the stool, and carried it over in front of the window placing it down before taking a seat in it, and looking towards the camera.

AARON JOSEPH: "Kingdom Come has come and gone, and the outcome was a disappointment to say the least, not only for myself but for everyone who witnessed the event first hand. I overcame the odds in the first round, making the biggest man in the company tap out and scream like the little bitch that he was. Ending the career he thought he had, before it ever had a chance to begin. Than in the second round I was about to do the same thing, I was going to again overcome the odds against me and beat the bigger man. That was till someone had to stick their nose where it didn't belong. Which resulted in me being counted out and suffering a mild concussion, there was no reason for Annijah Snow to do what he did. NO REASON AT ALL! But I have plans to deal with him, and make him pay for what he did. Nobody in their right mind screws me, and then goes on to just get away with it without some sort of retaliation. So all I'm going to say is Snow you're a man who needs to watch his back, because yours is coming my friend. When and where you will never know, but it's coming!"

AARON JOSEPH: "Ryker Prins is well aware of had bad I was screwed at Kingdom Come, that as a result of it I have been placed in the main event match this week with a chance to become the first ever CHIMERA Internet Champion. Yet another title opportunity being handed to me, all I have to do is grasp it. I would have grasped the first one if it wasn't for Snow, and this time I'm not going to let him or anybody else stand in my way. A four corners sudden death rules match to decide the Internet Champion, me facing off against three other superstars in a first fall wins match. It's going to be one helluva battle between the four of us. But that fact is none of the talent none of the other superstars are SIMPLY FUCKING AMAZING! None of them are an Aaron Joseph, this company needs me as the Internet Champion. It's bad enough we got some redneck lunatic running around as the All-Pro Champion, I need to bring some dignity back to this up and coming company before it's too late. Before the downfall starts, and it's only a matter of time before the plug is pulled on another bright organization. I have seen it all too many times in my career, and I'm not going to stand here and watch it happen again to CHIMERA!"

Aaron took a moment to clear his throat, before reaching down beside him and grabbing a water bottle that was sitting on the floor. Opening the water he took a drink, before placing the cap back on it and setting it back down on the floor next to him. Repositioning himself in the chair he glanced back up at the camera.

AARON JOSEPH: "My opponents we have Jeremy Murdock, yet again another heavyweight who I will step into the ring with. The third one, and I have proven both times before that I can compete no problem with a bigger man. I'm a winner, it's what I was born for no matter how big or strong you are I will always find a solution to the problem. Murdock, just like Bolvar you will be no problem for me. It's not only the fact that I don't have to beat you to win this match or to become the Internet Champion, I just simply have to outsmart you and the other two. Which I don't think will be a problem at all, right now I'm fighting for more than just winning. I'm fighting for my respect, respect that I lost at Kingdom Come due to Annijah Snow. Murdock your nothing but a muscle junkie, you have big muscles and a big head. But in this sport, in this industry it takes a lot more than that to be a winner. It takes honor, and pride to be a champion something a muscle head two bit chump like yourself doesn't have and never will. You can flex your muscles, stomp around, talk your shit. But in the end, you will not be walking out of Ignition as the Internet Champion. I guaran-dam-tee that Murdock, so go ahead and believe in yourself there is no harm in believe. Just don't be heartbroken when your dreams are shattered Sunday Night at my hands, when at the end of the night you see me lifting the Internet Championship belt high up into the air."

AARON JOSEPH: "Murdock you think because almost ten years ago you became the first ever World Heavyweight Champion, in a no name fucking company but beating a legend who was out of his prime and didn't belong in a ring in the first place that it makes you special? You think I or anyone else really gives a fuck what you did almost ten years ago? Almost ten years ago I was at the top of this industry a champion in multiple companies, I was a household name that people loved to hate. Does that matter now at this second in time? NO! What any of us did in the past doesn't mean shit when the bell sounds Murdock. What we can do right now at this moment in time, that is the only fucking thing that matters! You've had ups and downs in this industry just like everyone else has including myself. It makes you no different than me or anyone else, and it sure doesn't mean you have some sort of legacy that you're continuing to build. There is no fucking legacy and never will be, you've done nothing special for this industry whether you want to believe you have or not I could give a fuck less. It's time you come to reality and realize you never were, and still are nothing but an example for why we don't do steroids and that's all there is to it. If given the chance, I will make your ass tap out just as quick as I did Bolvar. Ending the career that you only wish you still had, but your already running on an empty tank. It's only a matter of time before the fumes run dry and your left stranded with nowhere to go!"

Aaron smirked and smiled, holding back a laugh. He made a fist with his left hand, before placing his right hand over the fist as he glared back up into the camera still smirking from ear to ear.

AARON JOSEPH: "In a sudden death rules match, you don't have the be the best to walk out as the winner. You don't have to be the biggest or the strongest to win the match, you just have to take advantage of the situation handed to you. In this case you exploit the weakness, and the weakness is Aftershock 91'. His overall skills and in-ring ability is the weakest compared to my other three opponents. So I all I need to do is exploit and take advantage of that. Which is exactly what I am intending to do, Murdock and Martinez can beat the hell out of each other, and I will exploit the weak link in the chain and gain the prize at the end of the rope! It's unfortunate for Aftershock that he is the weakest link in the chain, but it is what it is and that's all there is to it. I've been in his situation before the biggest underdog with no chance in hell. It's not impossible, but with his lack of in-ring abilities compared to the rest of us he is fighting a fight that he can't and will not win. No matter how hard he wants to try, or how much he wants to believe in himself. He already he talking of failure, because he knows he stands no chance. He knows he is the weak link that we all will be trying to exploit."

AARON JOSEPH: "As a superstar in this industry, you have to have pride and integrity. You have to have the will to win and want to succeed no matter how impossible the task at hands seems, Aftershock has already given up on himself before even trying to take the chance to make the first step up the ladder. With that attitude and that outlook, it's obvious he won't succeed. You have to believe in what you want, in order to achieve it. I have learned that over and over again, time after time. It's the fact that I will be proving first hand at Ignition, when I win the Internet Championship and become the first ever Internet Champion. I should be in the All-Pro Championship picture there is no doubt about that, and in due time I will be in that picture. But right now, i'm going to take full advantage of the opportunity being handed to me, and I will take the Internet Championship and give it a worthy shoulder to rest upon."

Aaron smiled before letting out a laugh, as he reached down beside him grabbing the water bottle once again and opening it to take a few drinks. He wiped his mouth and indulging in a drink, before placing the cap back on the bottle and once again placing it back down on the floor beside him.

AARON JOSEPH: "Last not surely not least I come to my third and final opponent, a man I know pretty well and have the pleasure to work alongside in several companies throughout the years Cedro Martinez. I have always had the up most respect for Cedro, and those who know me know my respect is hard to earn. I'm an asshole, I have been my whole life people learn to just accept that fact and deal with it after time. I don't like people, and I damn sure only respect a few especially in this industry. But Cedro you're one of those few, you're a lot like me in many ways. We have the same style, we are not afraid to go that extra level and do whatever it takes to win a match. Putting our bodies on the line and at stake week after week, we live and breathe this sport and we have since we entered it. Yeah I may be coming off a concussion, but have you ever known me to be one to let something like that affect my performance in the ring? That fact that you doubt my ability to still perform at the highest level, will only be a mistake for you Cedro. I will show you first hand Sunday night at Ignition that all I do is perform at the highest level. After what happened at Kingdom Come I am even more motivated for the fact to prove myself to you, and everyone else that now doubts my ability to once again rise to the top. I also perform to my fullest ability, I always give one hundred and ten percent. You know that Cedro, so why even ask? You been in the same ring as me before, you know damn well I'm no slouch!"

AARON JOSEPH: "You want to doubt my ability to perform Cedro, I could sit here and doubt your focus and your mindset. Is your mind and focus really on Sunday and the Internet Championship? Or is your focus and mind only on the Dream Warriors and getting revenge on them for attacking you at Kingdom Come? I'm not that type of person, I'm not going to sit here wondering where your head is at. I know you're a threat, you're the person I have to factor out and and doing something about if i'm going to walk out of Ignition as the Internet Champion. But I've always been the person who goes that extra step, does whatever it takes to be the best and overcome the odds stacked against me. While I may respect you Cedro, it doesn't mean I have a problem with injuring you or taking advantage of a preexisting injury. You wanna question if I have it in me to perform at the level needed after suffering a concussion, but what about you? Are you going to be able to give one hundred percent Sunday after the attack you suffered from the Dream Warriors? The truth is it doesn't fucking matter, one of the three of us is going to do whatever it takes to win that belt. It's going to come down to who wants it more, who's willing to give more than the rest to get what they want. You can all sit here and play a fucking guessing game if you want to, but I'll tell you right now that person is going to be me. END OF FUCKING STORY! I'm the one who needs to keeps this company from going into a downfall and an eventual demise. I'm the mother fucking ratings maker, whether people like me or not I draw an audience. I go out every night and give everything I have to give, and at Ignition it will be no fucking different."

AARON JOSEPH: "I've proven countless times that my nickname is not just a nickname, I am SIMPLY FUCKING AMAZING! Sunday night everyone will learn again exactly why I am, and there is not a damn person that is going to do anything about it. Not Cedro, not Murdock, not Aftershock, not Snow, NOBODY! I've been waiting over 5 years to hold a championship belt again, and Sunday night my wait is finally going to come to an end because I will walk out of Ignition as the Internet Champion, and I will once again prove why I am


Aaron laughs and smiles, before standing up and walking towards the stool. He grabs the camera off the stool, clicking the stop button and ending the recording. He takes the camera in hand, and begins to walk into the darkness on the other end of the room before walking through a doorway and disappearing into the darkness.